Research to know the required documentations to travel to a new destination

Do you need Travel Visa? A Complete Guide to Travel Documents for Your Dream Destination

Have you always struggled in researching for the correct documentation required to visit your Dream destinations?

Do not worry, as we have created a step by step guide through which you should be able to get all the information in terms of visa, health and currency of the destination you are planning to visit.

Step # 1 – Visit The IATA travel center page (

Upon landing on the above link, you will see the below page.

Step # 2 – Choose the destination you wish to visit.

Over here, you can choose the destination on the left hand side by clicking the drop-down arrow.

Also note this site is managed and updated regularly by the IATA (International Air Transport Association) which means the information is 99.99% accurate.

Step # 3 – Enter the details page.

In this page you need to enter the correct information in order to get the correct information. But if you enter incorrect information, it could end up giving you the wrong information.

Let’s say you want to travel to the United Arab Emirates and you are holding an Indian passport.

After choosing the destination country and clicking the check button. The below page with 3 tabs will open up.

Let’s go through the first tab which is 1, Travel Information.

In this tab, you will have to enter information like

  • Destination : Example : United Arab Emirates 
  • Departure Country : which in this case is India 
  • Arrival Date : You need to enter the Landing date in United Arab Emirates 
  • Departure Date : Here you need to enter the date of flight when you will leave from your Destination country.
  • Carrier Code : Enter the Airline you will be using to fly to your destination.
  • Countries Visited in the last 6 days : Choose the countries you have visited in the last 6 days before leaving for your destination country. (For example in our case, If you have traveled to Argentina in the last 6 days, just double click Argentina on the left hand side of the box and then it will reflect on the right hand side box.)
  • Duration of stay : just enter the number of days you are planning to spend in the country.
  • Purpose of the stay : Choose the purpose of the stay mentioned in the options.
  • Transit Country : You need to be careful over here. Imagine you are flying from Delhi, India to New York, USA on British Airways via London, UK. And you are only holding a USA visit visa. And you have a doubt whether the UK immigration might ask for a UK visa as you are landing in the UK first.

So here you need to enter England or United Kingdom as a transit country.

  • Do you hold a return/onward ticket? : In case of a visit visa, you need to choose Yes.

Tab # 2 (Enter the personal details)

In this tab, you need to enter your passport details as asked. And then once you click the next page button.

You will be able to see the result page.



Can IATA Travel center provide all the Travel document information?

Yes, the IATA Travel center portal will assist you in getting all the authentic verified information about the travel document like visas, health and currency  for your destination country.

Can I also know the validity of passport requirements for the destination country?

Yes, the IATA travel center portal can also advise how many months of validity is required for a passport holder to be allowed to travel to your destination country.


In addition, if you are a frequent traveler, your passport is always restricting you to get a visa every time you fly….

I would advise you to check where you can explore which passport will help you avoid too many hassles of applying for new tourist or visit visas. 

Some country passports will allow you to enter a country with just a visa on arrival procedure where you will get the visa at the immigration after arriving in the country.

You can also check if you can still hold your existing passport while applying for a new stronger passport. 

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