Benefits of Travel Insurance

When it comes to taking a trip outside your country, whether, for work or vacation, it is important to take some extra safety and security measures. Measures that you normally won’t consider or avoid during any other domestic traveling. For instance, getting travel insurance.

While it is a matter of personal choice and preference on whether you should get travel insurance or not, getting one isn’t a bad choice after all. This is because it does come with some benefits that you should necessarily consider before making any travel plans abroad.

But in case you are wondering why you should get travel insurance before traveling; it is easy to understand. It is because anything could go wrong and not according to your plans either before or during the trip. And since you aren’t in your own country, you have very little protection against anything bad that may happen while rendering you completely vulnerable. Such as losing your luggage, falling ill, or even facing any life-threatening situation.

This article covers an extensive review of five main benefits of travel insurance that can help you keep the safety and security of you and your loved ones intact.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance, as the name suggests, is an insurance policy to cover and protect you and your loved ones from any unforeseen events during your domestic or international traveling.

Normally, travel insurance covers a wide array of things and safeguards against unpleasant events from minor issues to major risks or losses.

 Benefits of travel insurance

While travel insurance supplies coverage for both domestic and international traveling, most passengers prefer having it while traveling outside their country. Even so, most passengers remain indecisive on whether or not they should buy travel insurance or not.

To help you out, here are the top five benefits of travel insurance that you must know.

Requiring medical help in another country can be quite expensive

While you may have medical insurance in your own country, that won’t be of any use to you in a foreign country. Therefore, having travel insurance entitles you to any medical expenses incurred during the trip.

Common medical conditions that may occur during your overseas traveling include dental and/or medical treatments. And while you try to be as careful as possible and do not fall trapped in any such situation, a contingency plan in place will always be helpful.

The way travel insurance companies operate overseas is by having arrangements with hospitals and medical institutions in several countries. This provides you with access to cashless treatments up to your allowed limit.

You do not want anything to ruin your investment on a well-planned vacation

Sometimes, it is not just about the travel but about everything that you have put together into planning a nice and expensive vacation trip. Hence, you definitely wouldn’t allow anything to sabotage the whole situation either before or during the trip.

For instance, you book a once-in-a-lifetime family cruise trip in Europe worth several thousand dollars. But what if due to some unexpected event, for example passing away of a beloved one, an accident, or any other event renders taking the trip completely impossible? And while many times there is a possibility to apply for a full or partial refund upon trip cancellation, what if you aren’t entitled to it because it’s way past the allowed cancellation period?

Without travel insurance, this doesn’t only mean that you do not get to take a trip but also a huge financial loss.

On the other hand, if your travel insurance policy covered trip cancellation benefits, you are entitled to receive a full refund for all sorts of prepaid expenditures your policy states. This way, you could at least feel good about still having an opportunity to plan a trip for a better time.

Travel insurance benefits include luggage loss and other valuables

Luggage loss or losing any important travel documents such as your passport or permission letters can halt your entire trip. To recover these items or arrange necessary replacements, you might incur some additional expenses beyond what you expected.

Hence, travel insurance can provide compensation for such additional and otherwise unavoidable expenditures and let you continue with your trip.



Travel insurance benefits against unforeseen changes to the travel itinerary

Beyond you having to cancel your trip at the last minute and falling prey to any non-refundable travel company’s policy for any prepaid expenditures, there is also a chance that cancellations might occur from the other side as well.

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For example, what if the airline had to cancel the entire flight for some reason and you had to buy an expensive ticket to reach for an important commitment? Similarly, it is possible that upon arriving at the hotel that you had a booking for, you find that the same room was mistakenly double booked, and you have no option but to pay a higher price for an alternate arrangement.

Events like these can happen at any time, thus subjecting many travelers to unforeseen consequences as a result. Travel insurance can help you in such a perplexing situation.

Benefits of travel insurance include mitigation in case of personal liability

Apart from everything discussed above, what if during your trip you accidentally caused damage to a third person? Situations like these can often be resolved with financial compensation. However, the extent of such financial compensation depends on what the local laws say and the severity of the losses caused or incurred by the affected person.Hence, travel insurance can also help you in such situations as well.


Having a contingency plan in place isn’t a bad thing. Especially while traveling to a country for the first time and not knowing what safety and security protocols to adhere to. Thus, travel insurance can benefit you from many unforeseen events.


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