How to Check your UAE Visit Visa Status?

One of the key things to take care of when you are on an extended travel or work trip to another country is to keep track of your visa status. After all, it is the sole evidence of your legitimate stay for a certain period and purpose in that country.

Especially, when it comes to countries like the UAE, knowing about your UAE visit visa status inadvertently becomes much more important for many reasons.

For instance, while you can think of the UAE as among the top countries warmly welcoming tourists and expats from all over the world, the region is also known for having some of the most strictly followed immigration laws and regulations.

Hence, whether you are in the UAE for work or visit purposes, ensuring that you are fully aware of your UAE visit visa status should be your top priority.

However, keeping a track of your UAE visit visa status can be quite difficult at times especially when you are busy with other everyday tasks and chaos in life. After all, no one expects you to carry your passport with you every time you are on the move. So, how do you keep a track of it and check your UAE visit visa status when required?

Rather than having your passport by your side for this very purpose, it is better to resort to other ways of checking your UAE visit visa status. And to help you out with this major issue, this article illustrates two very simple ways. Both of these ways only require you to keep a scanned copy of your passport in your mobile phone or your wallet so you can confirm the validity status of your UAE visa whenever you want.

How to check your UAE visit visa status?

Both of the following two methods of checking the validity status of your UAE visa are online. So, all you need is to carry with you some essential information to input into these channels only and let it confirm the validity of your UAE visit visa.

Use the UAE Government provided official portal to check the validity of your UAE visa

As mentioned above, the UAE is famous among tourists and expats both, either looking to explore its tourism side or searching for better career prospects respectively.

Hence, to facilitate this many foreigners for their visa-related issues, the UAE government has an online portal. The following steps explain how to check your UAE visa status online using your passport number.

  • To begin with, make sure to have your passport number with you.
  • Now visit the UAE government online portal at this link:
  • Look for the option “Change Language” and select English
  • Next, click on the tab named “Passport Information”
  • Select your visa type between options “Visa” or “Residency”
  • Provide your passport number and passport expiry date
  • Now in the nationality tab, select where you are from
  • Lastly, check or confirm the captcha checkbox before clicking on the search tab

Assuming that the information provided by you in the above-mentioned fields is correct, the online portal will display your visa details as well as the date when your UAE visa expires.

Using the GDRFA portal to check Dubai visa status

GDRFA or The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs is a body tasked with assisting all UAE visa holders regarding updates on visa-related affairs, queries, applications, and visa rules. As of now, only the state of Dubai in the entire UAE region offers a separate online portal with the facility to check UAE visa status.

Using the GDRFA Dubai website

For those living in Dubai, the following steps mention how to check your UAE visa status.

  • Begin with opening the GDRFA website at this link –
  • Look for the dropdown menu mentioning different UAE visa inquiry services. Among these, select the option “Residence Validity”
  • Now enter your residence file number. You will need to use your year of issue for this purpose. In addition, you can also look on the visa page of your passport to find the residence file number.
  • After the above, enter your first name in the text field and select the gender as well. Remember that your first name should be the same as mentioned on your passport.
  • For the date of birth section, mention your DOB in the dd-mm-yyyy format.
  • Lastly, check or confirm the captcha checkbox before clicking on the search tab

Using the GDRFA Dubai smartphone application

Besides the above methods to check UAE visa status, the GDRFA, or The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs also has a smartphone application. This mobile application is for expats in the UAE to check their UAE visa status.

  • Simply download the app on your smartphone.
  • Next, open the app and choose the “Services” tab
  • Now click on “Entry Permit/Residence Status” and in it select “Residence Inquiry”
  • Now fill in the required details namely your – Visa code, first name, nationality, and date of birth
  • If unsure, review the details you have entered and then continue by clicking “Inquiry”
  • If the system finds your details to be correct, the application will display a page with a green tick and your visa details.

Note that the GDRFA app does not require you to sign up or enter login details for using it. Simply follow the above-mentioned procedure and you are good.


As mentioned at the very beginning of this article, the UAE region has some of the strictest rules when it comes to visa expiry and validity. Hence, make sure that your UAE visa is always valid by renewing it before it expires. This is because overstaying in the UAE with an expired visa is not just subject to government fines but can also put you in trouble in certain situations such as when trying to renew your rental agreement with your landlord, etc.

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